Case Studies

Client – The Outlook Group – Medtronic 

Commission; January – June 2016.

Location: Copenhagen


Number of site visits, working closely with the production team, created technical spec and designs for 1100 delegate conference and gala dinner, party area for 1100, 8 large sub-meeting areas, 23 breakout areas, 6 off-site dinner/award events.

Technical budget creation for all areas in four currencies, with cross tabulation and summary running page.

95% of technical supply and crew from the Copenhagen area IMG_1720.JPGsmall


Technical requirements;  

Spec and manage all technical requirements, Projection, LED, Audio, LX, IT, staging, OB unit

Day by day technical schedule.

Source and manage HOD from the UK with key equipment

Transportation form the UK

Working with 37 crew from Copenhagen, 32 crew from UK




Client – Haymarket – Stuff  

Commission; November – December 2015



Venue booked by client, 3 weeks’ notice and £20k budget including venue costs.

Day one “gadget show” Dray Gallery Brick Lane displaying latest hi-tech items, no confirmed items to display except BMW i8, only 32 amps of venue power available, the gallery is also an empty concrete shell!

Technical requirements;  

All display furniture, lighting, sound, IT network, security, catering, H&S documents and 3D visualisation, crew, display banners printing and installation, scheduling of display items deliveries and collection

Solution;Stuff mag dec15

Five T truss on floor plates with LED ceiling wash lights, 20 pin spots,

8 high level display counters, 12 stools,

Construct of lounge area with latest OLED screens,

24 hour security cover,

hi-band width Wi-Fi,

Mobile coffee bar.

Construction of a secure storage area.


Client – Haymarket – What Hi-FiIMG_0262

Commission; July-September 2015

Venue; The Hospital Club, Covent Garden,


Stage an event to launch a new speaker range from Danish manufacturers Dali.

6 weeks into the project the venue had to changed from West London to Covent Garden this included a complete redesign of the event to fit the new venue.


TV studio in central London, invited attendees, reception bar,  press conference, demo area, main party in the studio. 3 live bands, live streaming.

Services supplied; Production consultancy, venue approval, venue design, technical design and management, budget, logistics for kit  and bands, crew, staging, back-line, rig schedule, stage management, show caller, site safety and documentation, access management, de-rig management, budget consolidation. 



Client – Bond 23 – Skyfall  bond skyfall


Scene required a large moving image back drop to achieve a flood of lighting effects which the action could be performed in front. To be installed within the Bond stage set at Pinewood, 5 day rig, 3 weeks on site

Technical requirements;  Skyfall site plan

LED screen required, led batch manufacturing had to be taken into account, weight and power was another key factor.

This would be the largest indoor built to date equal to 6 storeys high building.




To achieve the results the client required an 11mm screen pitch was agreed, to be constructed with 1,248 400 x400mm tiles.

12 Rigging points with tolerance of +/- 15mm, total rig weight 5200kg, total power requirements of 1600 amps

To manage the stress on the tile connectors the screen had be constructed in 12 columns, then each column had to be docked to the next column, each tiles has 2 side docking locks, 2 power link cables, 4 data cables.


Challenges on-site;

With 1000’s for connection the crew required access to front and rear of the screen via cherry pickers

LED tiles are transported on dollies each dolly weighs 2000kg, this required 4 trailers and tele-handler to off load.

Access to the production area was via a tunnel under another Bond film set with 200mm clearance on the height of the dollies. Tunnel entrance was via a 6m, 45 deg concrete slope, using the handler and slings the dollies were lifted at a 45 deg angle and lowered on to the slop, once on the slope the dolly was attached to the handler by ropes and blocks and lowered to the tunnel entrance where a low height fork lift receive the front of the dolly to manage the arrival angle then towed to the production area.

Access to the production area required the screen to be dismantled from time to time to make a door way, this was achieved by removing required amount of tiles in the bottom centre of the structure.

All in-house rigging points had to be reset to my spec by using plumb-line.


Client- PwC 

” over 700 events delivered”SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


I work full time as production manager from 1982 -1991 which was then Coopers & Lybrand, 1991 I arranged a MBO and remained with now PwC until 1999, still managing events up to 2006.


From client meetings of 5 people to senior partner meetings for 500-600, UK, Europe Middle and Far East and USA

Brief was always very brief, usually from internal department or partners assistance – date – number of delegates- location- supply all that we required for this event

Technical requirementsBrighton AR 004

Design, supply and manage all staging, lighting, rigging, video, audio, trucking, crew and travel.

Venue selection,  working with and manage venues


Selecting the best suppliers with the correct crew.


22 years and 700 major events and all delivered successfully